Import Pedigree Generations

Import Pedigree Generations

The Smart PCF App now saves users time creating new generation pedigree certificates by the facility to import generation data directly into their new certificate.

This Smart App feature enables you to auto-complete new certificates generation data using previously registered pedigrees and certificates. If the parents for your new certificate have already been registered in the PCF database you can simply select the parents to auto import the generations data to save you re-entering data all over again.

For example, you want to create a new generations certificate for a sibling of ‘Pedigree Puppy One’, instead of tediously retyping all the new generations format 1st Geneneration moving to 2nd Generation and 2nd Generation moving to 3rd Generation and so on etc…

Let the Smart App do the work for you in a couple of clicks!

Join Pedigree Certificate Forms to create Generation certificates and print your FREE certificates of Registration, Ownership & Birth.

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