Cosipet Trouser Suit Dog Coat Navy 46cm / 18″

Cosipet Trouser Suit Dog Coat Navy 46cm / 18″

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The Cosipet Trouser Suit Dog Coat is a superb all in one waterproof coat made from robust shower proof nylon. The Cosipet Trouser Suit also has a zip fastening along the back and elasticated cuffs around the trouser legs to provide a comfortable fit, keeping your dog clean, tidy and looking smart. The very back of the Trouser Suit is exposed, allowing your pooch to do their business without any hassle.Measuring your dogIt’s best to use a soft tailors measuring tape for accurate measurements. This will help you order the most comfy, best-fitting suit for your pooch.When measuring your dog its important that you measure from the base of the neck to the start of the tail – this is where the head joins the body and where the tail joins the body. Make sure your dog is standing squarely upright on all four legs and is looking straight ahead for an accurate measurement. This will give you the back length measurement which is the length of the zip that runs down the back of the coat. Once you have the back length you then need to refer to the sizes below to select the best-fitting size for your dog. If your dog’s size does not match the size we have, then you should round up for dogs with downward tails and round down for dogs with upward tails.Please Note**Should you need to return this item, please ensure that it is in the condition it arrived complete with tags and original packaging to be eligible for a full and immediate refund/exchange.Sizes:Size 1: Generally suitable for Maltese, Terriers, Miniature Jack Russells and similarBack length (length of zip): 30cmChest (girth): 40cmFront leg length: 17cmSize 2: Generally suitable for Jack Russells, Bichon Friss and similarBack length (length of zip): 35cmChest (girth): 44cmFront leg length: 19cmSize 3: Generally suitable for miniature Schnauzers, Border Terriers, Shih Tzus and similarBack length (length of zip): 41cmChest (girth): 54cmFront leg length: 22cmSize 4: Generally suitable for Cocker Spaniels, TibetanTerriers and similarBack length (length of zip): 46cmChest (girth): 60cmFront leg length: 24cmSize 5: Generally suitable for Beagles, Welsh Terriers and similarBack length (length of zip): 51cmChest (girth): 68cmFront leg length: 30cmSize 6: Generally suitable for Labrador Retrievers, Dalmatians and similarBack length (length of zip): 61cmChest (girth): 76cmFront leg length: 38cmWashing instructionsAll Cosipet products come with personalised washing instructions. The washing instructions are a sewn in label on the Dog Coat. These coats are not machine washable or suitable for a tumble dryer.