Beco Compostable Unscented Poop Bags 60 bags

Beco Compostable Unscented Poop Bags 60 bags

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The BecoPets Compostable Unscented Poop Bags are the right choice considering 17,000,000 poop bags are deposited by great British dogs everyday!Thats lots of poop and lots of plastic poop bags going to landfill and eventually ending up in our oceans. These Beco Bags are big, strong, compostable and made from natural plant fibres, so they help to prevent any nasty ‘hand through bag’ incidents, as well as naturally breaking down once disposed of.Key Features & Benefits Home compostable Bigger and stronger Split resistant Cardboard core The bags fit all standard bag dispensers.Bag Size: 33cm x 22.5cm. 15 bags in a roll. 4 rolls in a pack.Materials: These poop bags are home compostable. They are OK Compost TUV Home S0329, ASTM 6400 and EN13432 certified.


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