Green & Wilds Premium Original Antler Chew Large

Green & Wilds Premium Original Antler Chew Large

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Antler Dog Chews Essentials Range are wholly natural treats, made with no additives, colours, or preservatives whatsoever – just antler.All Antler Dog Chews antlers come from responsibly sourced, traceable, and most importantly naturally shed antler.Rich in calcium and essential minerals and low in fat these chews are odourless (to humans at least), non-sticky, long lasting and vet recommended – but most importantly, dogs love them! These naturally hypoallergenic chews are perfect for dogs that suffer from tummy upsets as a result of other chews, and to boot they’re great for teeth – scraping away tartar as your dog chews to leave your canine’s canines squeaky clean!As a natural product there will be some variance in size and shape, the length of each antler will vary depending on circumference and density. Antler Size Approximate Length Example breeds Small 9cm Chihuahuas, Toy Poodles Medium 11cm Cocker Spaniels, Border Terriers Large 14cm Border Collies, Labradors Extra Large 16cm Newfoundlands, Wolfhounds


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