Orijen Freeze Dried Angus Beef Dog Treats 42.5g

Orijen Freeze Dried Angus Beef Dog Treats 42.5g

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Bursting with rich meaty flavour the Orijen Freeze Dried Beef Dog Treats are made using regional ingredients which retain their goodness as they are gently freeze dried. Made in award winning kitchens located within the beautiful Canadian landscape Orijen take inspiration from nature to make recipes which mirrors the freshness and variety that Mother Nature desired. Harnessing the power of nature Orijen understand the importance of using high quality ingredients which keeps your dog in opium health. Key Features: Meat and protein rich Low GI: Helping match their natural dietIngredients: Angus beef liver, boneless Black Angus beef, Black Angus tripeAnalytical Constituents: Protein 40%, Fat 40%, Fiber 1%, Moisture 2%