Laughing Dog Traditional Food Mixer Meal 15kg x 2

Laughing Dog Traditional Food Mixer Meal 15kg x 2

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Laughing Dog Traditional Mixer Meal, which has been made to the original Laughing Dog recipe, this mixer is totally naturally being 100 % wheat only and no colours or preservative are added! You can ensure with Laughing Dog your puppy or small dog is getting one of the most natural products on the market! To make this dry food a complete meal you must remember to feed it along with canned meat or meat, vegetables and vitamins! Create this dry mixer into a fluffy meal or porridge just by adding water! Or feed dry to your puppy or small dog, which will facilitate in removing plaque, helping to maintain clean and healthy teeth! This mixer is also suitable for dogs with Epilepsy, just mix it into their food!Ingredients:100% Wheat Meal (English Wholemeal Flour) No added colourants or preservativesNutritional Table:Protein 11.4%Oil 1.6%Fibre 3.1%Ash 1.4%Feeding Guide:Laughing Dog mixer should be mixed with equal volumes of canned or fresh meat.Rough guidelines; up to 5kg = 1/2 can + equal volume, 5-10kg=1/2-1 can, 10-20kg=1-1 1/2 cans, 20-45kg = 1 1/2-2 cans


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