Specific CCD Struvite Management Adult Dog Food 12kg x 2

Specific CCD Struvite Management Adult Dog Food 12kg x 2

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Specific CCD Struvite Management Adult Dog Food is a delicious and specialised formula that’s designed to help dissolve struvite bladder stones and reduce the risk of new ones forming.Key Features & BenefitsMakes your dogs urine more acidic helping dissolve struvite stones.Promotes drinking to reduce the mineral concentration in the urine and increase urination, flushing out the stonesReduced content of magnesium and phosphorus to help reduce the formation of new stonesFish oil promotes healthy skin, coat and jointsThis diet is not suitable for dogs with calcium oxalate, urate or cysteine stones for these dogs SPECIFIC Heart and Kidney Support and SPECIFIC Food Sensitivity recipes are recommended.IngredientsMaize starch, wheat, maize protein, pork fat, maize, eggs, fish meal, minerals, potato protein, hydrolysed poultry protein, powdered cellulose, vitamins and trace elements, methionine, rice, fish oil, psyllium husk. Antioxidants: EC approved additives: BHA, BHT, propyl gallate. It contains no artificial colours or flavourings.